HOURLY (£25)

No job too small

No job is too small. If all you need is a little support then that is great. Everyone needs a little help from time to time.

DAILY (£150)

What a difference a day makes

If you need support with a more substantial piece of work or you have a tight deadline to meet then perhaps 7hrs work all undertaken in 1 working day will suit your needs better.

WEEKLY (£700)

Good things take time

You might have multiple pieces of work or a project that needs more time and attention - if so then perhaps a full weeks  work is required. This would be 35hrs and could be split over a number of weeks if preferred.

MONTHLY (£2,400)

Mountains of support

A substantial project or support on a more regular basis may be better with a monthly package of support (this will encompass 4x35hrs)

Get a free no obligation quote within 24hrs. We will then agree on a start date and timescale.

Charges will be payable on completion of the work for hourly/daily requirements and for weekly/monthly at the end of each week.

It’s as easy as that.






Given the individual nature of conferences and the degree to which they can vary in size and complexity a quote will be provided based on your specific requirements.